"Pushing Your Buttons to Get Shit Done"

- Dylan Shively


Dylan Shively, an army veteran and family man, founded James Warren Group and Dispute Eagle with a clear mission: Help as many people as he can understand credit, show them how much control a credit score has on their quality of life and provide unbeatable resources for them to take decisive action.Fueled by a past experience where he was burned by a credit company, he's on a lifelong mission to be a force for good. His aim is to expose the lies and uncover the unfiltered TRUTH about both credit and credit repair as an industry. He strongly defends those who are being preyed upon, had their money stolen, or their trust betrayed by unethical individuals and companies.His company, James Warren Group, stands as a credit management powerhouse, offering both DIY and full-service solutions. Dylan's also a sought-after speaker on credit, sales, leadership, and business, having helped over 11,000 individuals on their credit journeys, with millions more to influence positively.As the host of the 'Dylan Shively Podcast,' he simplifies the complexities of business, leadership, and personal development. An accomplished author featured in top news outlets and a respected guest on over 50 podcasts, he has earned his place as an industry authority.Beyond the realm of business, Dylan's commitment extends to his family and community. He takes immense pride in being a loving husband to his wife Theano and a loving father to three remarkable children.Connecting with Dylan is a unique opportunity at witnessing history in the making as he continues to impact lives across the United States and shape the future of the credit management industry.



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